Pre-Primary games

Lately we have been making games for Pre-primary’sand we had a lot of fun making them. Me/Callum,Dylan and Christian’s game was called MONEYMAN$$$.


Money man is a game where you have to match the amount of money shown on the board. You can move the the pictures of the money each round to make it harder.

Story starters for the /E/ sound

In class we have been learning words with the /E/ sound, and we have been told to post story starters on our blogs. Story starters are not just sentences, there AMAZING, WONDERFUL, POWERFUL and ENGAGING sentences that start the story. You have to make the first sentence REALLY GOOD so when people start to read the book they do not go…”Ye this book is not interesting.” and that is why you have to make them, AMAZING, WONDERFUL, POWERFUL AND ENGAGING.

Here are some of mine.

The SEA was raging like the devils bull, swooshing and smacking against the rocks.

The sunset SKY was as fluorescent as a TRADIES vest, shining as bright as the sun.

The witches dungeon was as SLIMEY as dribble, dripping down your shirt.

I am.

I am.

I am from cars, nice cars, FAST cars and big cars.

I am from sounds of waves swooshing calmly.

I am from Dirt bikes, roaring there way to the finish.

I am from friends, laughing and having fun.

I am from Art, expressing my imagination without yapping a word.

I am from Music, singing and strumming away.

I am from Melbourne where the happiest snow falls, creating snow men memories.

I am from Exmouth, where the clear blue water lays.

I am from Dad, who helped me through rough times.

I am from food, where religions come together and eat their cultures food.

I am from my dog, who gives me cuddles when needed.

I am from school, helping me learn and guiding me to success.

I am from clothes, fancy, cool and goofy.

Story Starters

Since it’s near the end of term 2/ semester 1, I will tell you about what we recently learnt. It’s called story starters. Story starters are the sentence they start the paragraph or whole story. We stared with base ones like, She woke up in 1995 then into complex ones like, Perched on the edge of one of many turrets, adorning the fortress of Sky-heaven.







Mental Health

Mental health is really invading peoples life lately. So its important we stay happy by doing something we like. My hobby is riding, I like riding Scooters, BMX and dirt bikes. I am quite good at all but mostly dirt bike. I enjoy riding dirt bikes the most my a mile. I ride scooters basically every day but kind of boring. Some other things sooth my nerves like gaming and chatting. I like talking to Deklan,Ace and Milton cause there really close. Me and Deklan love having giggles. Im mostly riding with Deklan as well. I like riding with Deklan cause we like the same stuff and have the same humour, we laugh at the same things even if no one else does.


Recently in class we did a Podcast, we paired up into groups of 4 and had to make the Podcast about, Compassion. I paired up with Deklan,Milton and Nicholas. It was fun cause we had some giggles along the way to success. We had 15 minutes to do it, but we went a little over time. Just by 10 minutes.

This is our Podcast.  VOICE045 (1)

We used a microphone that had a USB so we could receive all the data back.


In class we have been listening to The Lion, The Witch and the wardrobe. It’s a story about a portal in a wardrobe that takes them to a place called Narnia where the witch/The white witch casted a spell on Narnia to make it winter. Right now in the story it is changing to spring and that’s all I know. We did some portal drawing as well. Here are mine.

Cross country is the WORST!

Not that long ago we had our schools Cross country which everyone HATES, well almost everyone. We ran 1.5 kilometres which was really exhausting. My legs felt like they were on FIRE after I finished. The top 10 boys are really really fast. I am not excited for next year cause I felt like I was going to fall over after this years race. Wish me luck for next year.


We have been learning about cinquain’s and we made some and there really fun cause u have to get the right amount of syllables. They are really ez and enjoyable to do. Anyways here is my cinquain about Off-roading.


  1. off road
  2. Roaring vehicles!
  3. mud flying everywhere
  4. cheering coming from everywhere
  5. vroom vroom

we had to do a pattern of syllables, the pattern is 2,4,6,8 and 2 again. It sounds hard but its really that ez.

hefting is fun :)

We learnt about hefting in the past two days and its really ez. You heft the item then take a guess of how much it weighs. Then you weigh it properly and check if your guess is close, on point or far away. I now have a better understanding of how things weigh, and also have a closer guess to what they weigh.

These are the items we hefted.